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Foster Parenting

A foster parent is someone who provides temporary housing and care for an animal sheltered at Oahu SPCA. Our Foster Care program is designed to provide caring homes where animals can receive more individualized attention. When you foster, you open up space at Oahu SPCA, allowing us to take in and save even more animals. If you are interested in fostering a pet, please fill out an application for a cat or a dog and we will reach out to you once your application is approved.

We need kitten fosters! Sign up to bottle feed kittens or wean them until they’re strong enough for adoption.

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Animals Helped Through Fostering

The Foster Program at Oahu SPCA is critical to our rescue work. It enables us to save more animals and also give pets a warm, loving environment to heal, grow and flourish.

There are many reasons a pet may need a foster home:

They’re Underage. Puppies and kittens are not ready to be adopted until they are at least eight weeks old. They need time for their immune systems to develop, to receive nourishment, medical care and to be healthy enough for sterilization.

They’re Sick/Injured. Foster homes are a great place for sick or injured animals to heal, wheather they’re recovering from a routine procedure or something more complicated like an orthopedic surgery.

They Need Behavior Modification or Socialization. With people and animals coming and going, our shelter can be overwhelming for some pets. They often prefer a home environment or some one-on-one attention. Others come to us abused, neglected or simply lacking the training or socialization they need to find the right home.

What We Provide

Pet food or milk replacer, food bowls or bottles & nipples, crates, puppy pads, medical care & support.

What You Provide to Your Foster Pet

A safe haven. Love, attention, care and the ability to follow directions from staff and the capability to bring the foster pet in for regular checkups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your foster requirements?

You have to be at least 21 years or older to foster, have a valid drivers licence, schedule monthly veterinary check ups at our shetler, take cute photos and videos of your foster pet and send them to our email, engage in the Oahu Fosters Facebook Page, bring your foster pet to at least one adoption event a month, provide transportation, food, litterboxes, litter, leash and collar if we don't have any donated items available to give to fosters, but most importantly provide a clean, safe and loving environment and help them prepare to find their new homes! We also require all cats and kittens to remain indoors. When outside with your foster dog, they must be supervised in an enclosed yard or on a leash and puppies to remain indoors until fully vaccinated.

How long is the commitment?

This will depend on the animal but it can be anywhere from two weeks to three months or longer. Ideally as long as it takes for them to be adopted out! Foster animals are matched with foster parents based on the individual needs, requriments and experience for both the pet and the foster. Once you become a foster at Oahu SPCA we ask that you check in with us frequenlly for other foster opportunites since we are always in need of fosters no matter what time of the year it is.

How do I become a foster?

View available foster animals on our website, Instagram or Facebook highlights and posts, fill out foster application, and wait for our call to schedule a meet and greet at the shelter! Once an approved foster you will be prompted to join our Oahu SPCA Facebook Foster group where you can ask questions, read important and informational materails about fostering, and see upcoming events to bring your foster pet to!

What if I have other pets at home?

Follow instructions from our Veterinarian on whether seperating your pets at home from your foster pet(s) is necessary for any medical reasons. We will direct you when it is safe to introduce your pet and foster pet! Most foster animals have a limited immunity so it is best to keep them physically seperated from your own pets at least at first. We can also advise you further on proper introductions in your home once given the ok.

Can I adopt my foster pet?

OF COURSE you can! There is nothing wrong in becoming a #FosterFail. If you are interested in adopting your foster pet at any time please contact or call our adoption/foster line (808) 754-1510.

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Fostering Requirements

In order to foster an Oahu SPCA animal you must:

  • Be 21 years old or older
  • Be able to isolate the Oahu SPCA foster animals from your own pets
  • Have all resident pets in your home spayed or neutered
  • Have reliable transportation to our shelter for pick-up, drop-off, check-ups and in case of emergency

Join Our
Foster Family!

If you’re thinking about fostering or would like more information about the training and support , please apply to foster and complete the form.