LifeSaving Statistics


2020 Oahu SPCA
LifeSaving Statistics

Oahu SPCA is a no-kill shelter, and our placement rate is greater than 90%. We take in stray animals, owner surrendered pets and animals from other rescue organizations as space allows. All healthy or treatable animals stay with us at the shelter or with a foster family until they find their Furever home. We only euthanize when severe or untreatable illnesses or extreme behavior issues arise and ONLY when we've exausted all o?her options.

Please take a look at our life saving statistics linked below to see the impact we've had on pets in the community of Oahu.

On-Hand: Cats in Care as of January 1st 119
On-Hand: Dogs in Care as of January 1st 32
On-Hand: Cats in Care as of December 31st 102
On-Hand: Dogs in Care as of December 31st 53
Intakes: Stray Cats 307
Intakes: Stray Dogs 185
Intakes: Owner Surrender Cats 138
Intakes: Owner Surrender Dogs 136
Intakes: Cats Transferred in 23
Intakes: Dogs Transferred in 24
Total Cats Received/ Cared For 587
Total Dogs Received/ Cared For 377
Total Animals Received/ Cared For 964
Outcomes: Cats Adopted 440
Outcomes: DOGS Adopted 272
Outcomes: Cats Returned to Owner 21
Outcomes: Dogs Returned to Owner 50
Outcomes: Cats Died in Care 21
Outcomes: Dogs Died in Care 2
Outcomes: Cats Euthanized 3
Outcomes: Dogs Euthanized 0
Outcomes: Other Cat Outcomes 0
Outcomes: Other Dog Outcomes: 0
Total Cat Outcomes (Sum of all Cat Outcomes and On-Hand Ending Count) 587
Total Dog Outcomes (Sum of all Dog Outcomes and On-Hand Ending Count) 377
Total Outcomes 964