Petco Vaccine Clinics


vaccinating your pets!

Vaccines help prevent many illnesses and can help your pet live a long, healthy life. Vaccines also help prepare your pet's immune system to fight the invasion of disease-causing organisms. Please keep the following in mind before scheduling your vaccine appointment:

  • Bring all medical records to your appointment
  • The youngest age to vaccinate is 8 weeks old
  • Have your pet for at least 24hrs before vaccinations
  • Please make one appointment for each pet visiting the clinic
  • For safety purposes, all cats must arrive in a carrier and all dogs must arrive with a leash
  • Rabies Vaccines & Health Certificates NOT available at Petco Clinics. These services are only available at our Wahiawa Clinic. Please call 808-754-1519 to schedule. 
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A La Carte Options: 
  • Vaccines: $35
  • Dewormer: $22-$25
  • Microchip: $30
  • Interceptor Plus: $15-$18
  • Revolution Plus: $25
  • Credelio: $25
  • Bravecto: $75
  • Heartworm Test: $40  


Healthy Pup: $85 
(includes DHPP vaccine, Bordatella or Lepto and Interceptor Plus)

Healthy Adult Dog: $160
(includes DHPP vaccine, Bordatella and Lepto, Interceptor Plus and Heartworm Test)

Healthy Cat & Kitten: $58 
(includes FVRCP vaccine and Revolution Plus)

Ultimate Dog & Cat Package available for purchase also, starting at $115. 
(includes spay or neuter at Oahu SPCA clinic in Wahiawa plus microchip) This is the best spay & neuter price on the island, but please keep in mind that this package in non-refundable. 

Each package only includes one of each service and does not count toward future appointments. 

Upcoming Vaccine Clinics

Below are the upcoming dates and locations for the clinics. To make an appointment click the Request Petco Appointment button.