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Considering Adoption?

Rescuing pets is what we live for and we're excited to help you rescue a pet of your own! Adding a pet to the family is exciting and our team is here to ensure you find a purrfect fit! Adoptions are currently by appointment only, so take look at our adoptable animals and fill out the adoption application below to start the process.

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Adoption hours by appointment only - Daily 9am-3pm

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Adoption Process

Step 1

Browse our adoptable pets linked above or check out our posts and highlights on Instagram and Facebook to see more.

Step 3

Once your application has been submitted, our team will review it. If approved, an Adoption Coordinator will contact you. After discussing interests and providing adoption counseling via phone or email, our staff can schedule a Meet & Greet at our facility

Please note that this does not guarantee a hold on the pet. We do not adopt our animals on a first come first serve basis. All applications have to be approved by our adoption team members. We do our very best to match each animal with their perfect home, and there may be more than one application and more than one Meet & Greet scheduled for specific animals at a time.

Step 5

When you are ready to make the adoption official (either at meet & greet with traditional adoption or one week later with foster to adopt), the Adoption Coordinator will schedule the petfor an exit exam with a shelter veterinarian. Then you'll sign the adoption contract and receive a folder with allof the pets records (We DO NOT guarantee the health, age, breed or temperament of any shelter pet! We can only report what we observe or have been told by previous source.)

Step 2

Complete the adoption application by clicking the link below. Be sure to provide the names of pets in which you are interested or provide information on the type of pet you'd like to adopt.

Step 4

At your appointment, you'll meet up with the pets you've chosen or been matched with. If you found your purrfect match, you will have the option of traditional adoption or foster to adopt. Either way, you will pay the adoption fee up front, but with foster to adopt, you will have one week to try the pet at home and are able to return the pet to the shelter for a full refund should it not be a good fit.

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Adoption FAQs

How does the adoption process work? 
  1. The first step to adopting an animal at Oahu SPCA is to browse the adoptable cats or dogs on this website or check out our posts and highlights on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Complete the adoption application for who you are interested in adopting under the adoption tab on this website.
  3. Once your application is recieved you will get an automated email confirmation that we recieved your application. After the reviewing process you will either get an Approved email and to schedule a meet and greet up to 3 animals that you choose -OR-you will get a denial email stating why your application was denied.
  4. Upon the meet and greet and meeting with an adoption coordinator and you decide to make the adopption offiical, you can choose from one of the two programs that we offer Foster-To-Adopt or Traditional Adoption.
  5. The adoption coordinator will then provide the necessary paperwork and complete an adoption exit with the Veterinarian.
  6. After the exit exam is complete you will recieve the copies of their medical records (only for Traditional Adoption) and an appointment card indicating any upcoming Veterinary Appointment(s) for your animal (Vaccine Boosters depending on age and monthly flea, tick and heartworm prevention).
  7. Lastly, If you choose to partake in an Adoption Photo with your family and your new furry friend, we would love to include it in our #HappyAdoptionDay post on our Instagram and Facebook! Be sure to follow us, give us a like and join in the our celebration!
How does the Foster-to-Adopt Program work?

Once you have decided on the pet you would like to potentially adopt, you will have a one week trial to take home the pet. This program is intended for anyone on the fence about adopting because you want to see how they interact in a home setting and or pets you have at home.

If I want to see how my dog would get along with a potentially new adopted friend how does this work?

When we are scheduling a meet and greet at the shelter, you can ask to bring your dog along for a proper introduction in our yard. The Kennel Staff and Adoption Coordinator will help monitor this. We do however know that sometimes the best way to introduce them would be in a neutral environment away from the shelter.

Am I medically and financailly responsible for the animal if we choose to do the Foster-to-Adopt Program?

No. Oahu SPCA is medically and financially responsible for the animal while they are in the Foster-To-Adopt Program. After you completed the Traditional adoption, the adopter will then be responsible for everything.

Is vaccines flea, tick, and heartworm prevention always free with you guys since I adopted from you?

No. After you sign adoption paperwork for the Traditional Adoption you will be fully responsible for the animal, medically and financially.

What are the requirements to adopt?

You must be at least 21 years old to adopt, have a valid drivers licence with current address, have your own vehicle to transport your new animal home, if renting fully understand your rental restrictions and have rental agreements in place for your new companion, ask yourself if you have the time and dedication to give to a new animal, and have patience with the transitons of our animals shelter to home!

What vaccines and veterinary care do pets receive prior to adoption?

All of our shelter animals will be spayed, neutered, microchipped, dewormed, tested for FIV/FELV and Heartworm, up to date on vaccines (DHPP, Lepto and Bordetella for dogs) and FVRCP for cats. They will also be current on flea, tick and heartworm prevention.

What if the animal I am interested in adopting is not spayed or neutered yet?

You will automatially be enrolled in the Foster-To-Adopt program and sign a medical disclosure form provided from our Veternarian stating you will bring them back at their scheduled spay or netuer appointment. After the spay or neuter is complete we will call you when they are ready for pick up the the Adoptions Coordinator will complete the adoption paperwork with you to make the adoption official.

Why are your adoption fees so expensive?

The cost of running a no-kill animal shelter is much higher than your local animal control agency as we don't receive subsidies as part of a government contract. We rely solely on donations from our sponsors and community members to keep our doors open and some of our funding comes from those adoption fees to help cover expenses. Don't worry though, you are still getting a great deal! Compared to buying a pet from a breeder or pet store who have had no vet care, our fees are much lower and include sterilization and initial vaccinations and treatments. Click here for an infographic to show you cost of care vs adoption fee.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

For all questions regarding our adoptions or foster program, please email or call our adoptions line (808) 754-1510. If we don't answer right away please leave a detailed voicemail and an adoptions representatice will contact you via email or phone ASAP.

Adoption Fees

  • 6mo: $500/ Dogs
  • 6months+: $350
  • Senior Dogs 7yrs+: $200
  • 6mo: $200/ Cats
  • 6months+: $150
  • Senior Cats 10yrs+: $100