About Us


About Us

The Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in April 2009, based on a no-kill philosophy, with the mission that “Every healthy treatable animal will find a forever home”. In our first three months we were thrown into a large-scale sheltering operation completing the largest rescue in Hawaii's history.  

Our Supporters

With the help of generous supporters and the assistance of over 2,000 volunteers, the Oahu SPCA was able to save more than 1,400 animals within the first year. Our large volunteer force helps guarantee that most of the funds received go to the care and treatment of our rescued animals.

Our Goal

Our goal is to gather 200 sponsors to cover monthly expenses for every dog and cat in our shelter so please become a member of our rescue team.  Together we can save the lives of thousands of animals each year and improve the lives of people each day. 

Our Work

We rescue animals suffering from abuse, neglect and abandonment all over the island each day. More than 15 dogs and cats are rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed each week. We care for approximately 45 dogs and 75 cats per day, including spay/neutering, micro chipping and medical & behavioral rehabilitation in preparation for adoption.