Doggy Day Trip


Borrow a Dog for the Day! 

Share an island experience with a shelter dog--- sign up for an Oahu SPCA Doggy Day Trip!

Go on an adventure with a shelter dog, or bring a dog home for the day to cuddle up and watch a movie. Either way, giving our shelter pets the opportunity to get out of the kennel for the day while enjoying their love and companionship will be super fun and rewarding. Getting out for the day is incredibly beneficial for their mental health and often helps the dog get adopted. 

Shelters all over the country have seen huge success and countless benefits from these shelter field trip or doggy day out programs, so we are introducing it to our community and shelter pets too!

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Complete a Doggy Day Trip application so that our staff can match you with an appropriate day trip buddy, and then off you go! A minimum non-refundable donation of $25 is required at time of pick up to help defer the cost of running the field trip program and caring for our shelter pets. 

DAILY HOURS (Doggy Day Trips Only Available Tuesday through Saturday)

  • Pick up: 9:30am– 11:00am
  • Return anytime before 4:00pm

We do have traffic on the island. Please keep in mind that a minimum late fee of $100.00 will be charged to your card on file for any late returns.


What We Provide

Doggy Day Trip chaperones will receive a backpack for the day which will include a towel, dog treats, water, water bowl and poop bags. All dogs will be sent out in a good fitting martingale collar or harness and leash. 

What You Provide to Your Day Trip Buddy

Loving companionship and watchful supervision, exercise, mental stimulation and of course... FUN!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your requirements?

You have to be at least 21 years or older to take a shelter pet on a Doggy Day Trip, have a valid drivers licence, have basic leash handling skills and be a responsible guardian for our animals. Pets need to be kept on leash and secured at all times, kept away from other dogs, and be returned to the shelter by the agreed upon end time. A minimum $25 donation is required upon pick up of the shelter pet as well. 

How long is the commitment?

Doggy Day Trips are intended only to be for the day. Pick up is between 9:30am - 11am and drop off needs to be prior to 4pm. If you are interested in fostering a shelter dog for a longer period, please visit our foster opportunities page to complete a foster application. 

How do I become a Doggy Day Trip chaperone?

Please complete an application ahead of time and a representative will reach out to either ask some questions or schedule your Day Trip. 

Can I bring my own dog along for the Day Trip?

No. Doggy Day Trips are designed to give shelter dogs a safe and fun day out of the shelter where they can receive one-on-one attention from their chaperone. It's safer for the shelter pet if you leave your dog at home for the day. Your dog may be well behaved, but we don't know how the shelter dogs will react in a new environment and we want your full attention to be on the shelter dog for the day.  

Can I adopt my Day Trip pet?

OF COURSE you can! There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a shelter dog! If you are interested in adopting, please let the adoption counselor on duty know of your interest and they will discuss next steps with you. You can also call the adoptions line at 808-754-1510 or email them at

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Doggy Day Trip Requirements

In order to take an Oahu SPCA shelter dog out for the day, you must:

  • Be 21 years old or older and provide a valid Driver's License at pick up
  • Be comfortable around dogs and have leash handling skills
  • Have good judgement and keep the animal our of harms way
  • Be able to provide a minimum $25 donation at pick up to help support the program 

Other Guidelines: 

  • Your credit card will be charged $500 in the event the dog is not returned.
  • Dogs must be buckled using the pet seat belt or contained in a dog kennel while riding in your vehicle.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times. Please do not introduce your shelter dog to other dogs you meet on your trip. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Each family may only take one dog at a time and NO personal pets may come along. 
  • Only some of our dogs are eligible for the program. Patrons are not able to choose which shelter dog they take out for the day, but they can let us know what type of dog they are most comfortable with. 
  • The use of alcohol or drugs during the outting is strictly forbidden. 
  • Liability waiver must be signed. 

Sign Up Today!

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