Trap Neuter Release/Feline Fix


Feline Fix Program for Trap Neuter Release Cats

Oahu SPCA is a participating clinic of the Feline Fix program where the City & County of Honolulu subsidizes no-cost spay/neuter surgeries for Free-Roaming stray cats. Sterilizing these cats and returning them to the colonies where they make their home is a humane and effective way to reduce this population over time as well as reduce unnecessary euthanasia of animals in Hawaii.

Feline Fix funding is unavailable until the new year. Ask us about discounted Neuter Now pricing while booking. 


What's Included?

All sterilization and microchipping fees are waived for Free-Roaming stray cats. There is no need to purchase a certificate, just fill out the Feline Fix application (to bring to your appointment) and let our receptionist know when you schedule that you are using the program.

Services Covered

  • Anesthesia for the surgery
  • Sterilization surgery
  • Microchip
  • Ear Notch

Each Free-Roaming cat sterilized will be microchipped to the caregiver and an ear notch will be used to denote that the cat has been spayed/neutered. Male cats are notched on the left ear and females on the right.