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Foster Application Form

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Foster Application Form

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Foster Application Form

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Foster Application Form


I certify that this information is true. I understand that giving false information on this application is grounds for denying my application. I understand this application remains the property of the Oahu SPCA. This a legally binding agreement between Oahu SPCA and the Adoptive Parents for the purpose of protecting the rights of our animals and providing them with a proper home with the approved Adoptive Parent.


This level gives you the chance to foster an animal in your home with the intent of adopting him/her. This period is for one (1) week, because by then you will know if he/she will fit into your home and lifestyle. During which time you will assume the responsibility for the care and wellbeing of the animal but you are able to return the animal within 1 week with a full refund of adoption fees. The microchip information will not be changed into the Adoptive Parent’s name until foster period has ended and adoption has been finalized.

Please check each box indicating your understanding and acceptance of the following. Both types of adoption, “Traditional” and “Foster to adopt” must agree to the terms below.

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