All donations made to Malu's Fund will go directly towards the care of severely neglected animals requiring immediate life saving care.


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The Malu Fund
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Malu's Fund

Malulani (Malu for short) was found severely emaciated and left to die in a field here on the west side of Oahu. A good samaritan brought Malu to the Oahu SPCA on the afternoon of January 11, 2013. Malu came to us dehydrated, malnourished, covered in ticks, with severe organ damage, and many other ailments he should never had to endure. Our staff and volunteers immediately went into action to see that Malu received the care and love he so desperately needed. They spent hours removing ticks, and taking turns cuddling with him.

Despite his condition and abuse he endured, Malu was a sweet gentle creature who just needed a safe and comfortable place to be rehabilitated and pampered. Due to an amazing out pour of support from our Oahu SPCA ohana, we were able to find him a foster who would be picking him up after receiving veterinary care.

Once he was settled and comfortable, we sprang into action telling Malu's story and setting up a fund to help pay for the costly medical care he would need on his long road to recovery. We received an amazing response, and got in almost $3,000.00 in 16 hours.

Sadly, despite our efforts and his amazing will to live,  Malu took a turn for the worse on the morning of January 12, 2013. He was rushed Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital for emergency medical care. Our hearts are heavy today as we have to announce that at approximately 11:13 a.m., Malulani passed away in the arms of our adoptions manager, Sarah Smith.

We wish that he could've entered our lives sooner so that we could have done more for him. We didn't give up hope even in his final moments. He passed away knowing he was loved and that he mattered.

We do not want Malu to pass away in vain. In honor of Malu, the Oahu SPCA has decided to create The Malu Fund in his memory. All donations made to The Malu Fund will go directly towards the care of severely neglected animals requiring immediate life saving care. Here at the Oahu SPCA we believe all animals deserve a chance at a beautiful life regardless of the degree of medical care they may need. By donating to Malu's Fund, you will help us save even more lives and provide hope for Oahu's neglected animals.

Mahalo, Malulani (meaning "under heavens protection"). You have shown us what we can accomplish when we all pull together, and ignited a fire in all of our hearts. It was a pure honor to be with you until your tragic story came to an end, ending far too soon. Everyone who met you or hears your story will always love you and remember your kind soul and your ability to somehow forgive the evil done to you by allowing us to care for you in your final hours on earth. Rest peacefully and may you forever be showered by dog bones and a fluffy pillow to lay on.